to break the ocean

opening Thursday, April 11th


AC Institute, 16 E 48th St, 4th floor, New York NY

exhibition runs from April 11th-May 9th, 2018

AC Institute is pleased to present, To Break the Ocean, a group exhibition featuring works by Simon BenjaminKearra Amaya GopeeKasem KyddShala MillerMarilyn NanceArthur Simms and the Iyapo Repository.

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"Are the arts essential?"

Wednesday, April 25th to Friday, April 27th

Villa La Pietra, Florence, Italy

The John Brademas Center of New York University is asking an international group of scholars, artists, and cultural practitioners to deliberate a question: “Are the Arts Essential?”

Convening from April 25 to April 28, 2018, at NYU’s campus in Florence, Italy, these specialists will take the customary deliberations about arts and culture into new, substantive, and shaping discussion. This convening will ask if (and how) the arts provide structures and strategies for social change, how they help define peoples and nations, how they deal with actual matters of life and death. What are the theoretical bases that ground the arts and govern our expectations of them? 

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Thursday, May 3rd


Museum of Contemporary Art, 220 E Chicago Ave, Chicago, IL

REFRESH presentation

We are at a critical juncture. Over the next several years, the trajectory of the AI field and the transformative technologies it is producing will likely be set. It is therefore important that particular focus be given to the civil rights, civil liberties, ethics and governance implications of AI to help minimize the harms that are emerging and advance the AI field in a direction that benefits as many people as possible.

NetGain is currently putting a special emphasis on the arts in the context of its work. An important cultural function of art is to effect self-conscious reflection on societal conditions and, in some cases, intervene directly in social processes. Given the changes underway in society brought on by AI, it is an important moment to consider how the arts can help frame questions and engender deeper discussion about the impact of our increasingly quantified society.

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